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  One on One Safety Consulting Group, LLC

“Safely protecting your greatest assets”


One on One’s consulting solutions are tailored to clients’ individual requirements and business goals. One on One’s subject matter experts collaborate across multiple disciplines, drawing on industry best practices to build creative solutions for client’s unique objectives. Through methodical processes, One on One’s consulting professionals analyze threats, risk and vulnerabilities in order to design superior safety solutions. Our process involves:

Our unparalleled range of Safety Services includes:

        • Pre-Deployment Information Collection

        • Assessment Report Development and Review Process

        • Safety Assessment

        • Key Personnel Interview

Why us?

The principals at One on One Safety Consulting Group, LLC have over 75 years of experience in providing safety services, project management, project staffing, and legal services. We possess extensive experience in providing safety leadership and strategic direction for large and small organizations with multiple business units.

Our staff’s proven success in cutting safety cost while governing budgets gives you the confidence that you’re in the most qualified hands. With our passion and respect for field employees who make considerable sacrifices for the profitability of their organization, we strive to ensure that those employees have a safe place to work and have the ability to identify hazards in the workplace. We’ll work closely with your management team and your field employees to ensure that we are developing “SAFETY” programs and training best suited for your organization.  

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